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What happens?
Tell us a bit about what happens– but don’t tell us everything and give away the end of the story.

(If you are writing about a non-fiction book, just miss out this section.)

What were your favourite characters? Can you describe them? Why did you like them? Did you dislike any characters?

Favourite part
This could be something that made you laugh, something that your favourite character did, something that made you think, a page, an illustration?

I would also like to say
Write as much or as little as you like here... What did you really think about the book? Who would you recommend it to? Did you like the author’s style?

John Foster's Top Tip

"Make sure you explain why you think it is a great book that other people your age will enjoy or whether it's a fairly ordinary book or even a bit boring. Say why you gave it as many stars as you did."