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For Parents

The site includes plenty of well proven, practical advice and information for any parent (or grandparent) whose children need help with the basics of the three Rs. Includes lots of information on synthetics phonics.

This link was recommended to us by some students at the Midwest Writing Club.  Includes some further links about children's books and reading skills.

Looking for lists of High Frequency words that your child is learning at school? Then look no further. Several different styles to download to use at home.

The RRF is an organisation dedicated to campaigning for better teaching of reading in the English language.

TheSchoolRun offers advice, information and practical learning resources for primary-school parents. From free homework help for history, geography and science to SATs papers and thousands of English and maths worksheets, TheSchoolRun covers every aspect of primary-school life and education.

For Children

Great educational Apps for Apple and Android, filtered by age group and subject. Already tried and tested and many of them free.

Nessy is a UK company that makes learning fun. Nessy programs are designed to help dyslexics but are enjoyed by all children. Lots of resources and games are available at - not free - but well worth the money in our opinion!

Nessy Games Player is a fantastic games programe to help with spelling and reading, which can downloaded straight away.  There are also maths games such as Clock Island and Tables of Doom.

Great website including free ebooks, reading advice for parents, fun and games for children.

A fun game to play to reinforce phonic knowledge. Useful for children in Key stage 1.

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