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How it Works

1. Choose the subscription package that is best for you

Bronze package - up to 6 books a month
Silver package - up to 12 books a month and multiple books lists*
Gold package - unlimited supply of books and multiple book lists*

* This means that you can get books for brothers and sisters learning to read who are at different reading levels or with different book preferences. For more information on this see our prices & packages.

2. Set your preferences to make your book list.

Don’t worry about all these choices, you can change your preferences to amend your book list at any time. Just make sure you always have at least 12 books in your list for Reading Chest to choose from.

For more help with these decisions - find out more in our reading advice pages - Tips on choosing books or What are book bands?

3. Wait for your first delivery of books to arrive in the post.

Your child’s first delivery of books should be with you within 2 working days. Bronze and Silver members will get 4 books initially. Gold members will get 6 books initially. There will be other goodies too such as a cool bag to keep your books in, a reward chart and stickers.

4. After your child has read the books, send them back in the pre-paid envelope and wait for some more to arrive.

You can return up to 3 books at a time in one envelope. This is what Reading Chest calls ‘a swap’. [Bronze members get 2 new swaps each month, Silver members get 4 new swaps each month and Gold members get unlimited swaps.]

On the first day of each calendar month, your account will be credited with new swaps. If you don’t use them all one month, they will be stored in your account until the next month or when you need them (a maximum of 10 swaps can be carried over each month) - perfect if you want to read more during school holidays!

5. Other great features

  • Download certificates for your child after reading 20 books or moving up a book band.
  • Reward charts and stickers are given out when you join. Just get in touch if you would like another one at a later date.
  • View a personal record of books your child has read.
  • Go to books and reviews to see all our books, read other children’s book reviews or write your own.

6. You can keep the books as long as you like. There are no due dates or late fees.